Taras KOVALCHUK, Ukraine
PROJECT: OPPCORN Opportunities Streamlining Service for Activists in Ukraine

Taras’s participation in Erasmus+ youth exchanges during his academic studies turned out to be a key moment that provided him with a profound and transformative experience of engaging with non-formal education.

Presently, as a dynamic creative tech producer, he spearheads the development of innovative solutions while eagerly embracing technological advancements to address non-formal education challenges.

“It is an incredible feeling to realize that there is such a great opportunity to implement your ideas together with like-minded people. This Fellowship gives me incredible motivation, strength and inspiration. I am glad to be a part of the Fellowship family and to be able to develop my project for a better future for young people.” – Taras KOVALCHUK

OPPCORN Opportunities Streamlining Service for Activists in Ukraine

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project aims at increasing the capacity for CSOs to access funding opportunities through the ‘Oppcorn’ bot. The fellowship will develop and roll-out the bot through Telegram and promote within small scale CSOs.

Updates coming soon!

Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Transparency & accountability
Project duration February - August 2024