Uliana KASHEPA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Dozrili

Uliana has a Masters in Material Sciences from Lutsk National Technical University, graduating in 2019.  She has also benefitted from certificated courses in Social Entrepreneurship and the British Council’s Active Citizen scheme.

Uliana has a passion for promoting participatory democracy and facilitating the empowerment of young people.  She has been a member and founder of various youth organizations, and served Lutsk City Council.

Her fellowship project grew out of an understanding that youth activists often suffer from ‘burn-out’ and a lack of tailored, personal coaching.  Uliana has used the fellowship to develop a specific methodology for mobilizing, developing, and supporting a network of mentors for youth and other civic work.  This structured approach is particularly timely as the activists concerned face the stress of conflict.

“We support the desire of volunteers to effectively restore the resource and harden themselves for long-term volunteering, especially during a full-scale war.” – Uliana KASHEPA


Fellowship Summary: Building a cohort of mentors to support activists working with IDPs. The cohort will mentor 300 activists, produce a digital guide and a series of podcasts.

Updates coming soon!

Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Community mobilisation
Topics Support to IDPs and vulnerable groups
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Youth empowerment
Project duration July - November 2022