Valentyna ZALEVSKA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Empowering Social Change: Mastering Fundraising as a Social Change

Valentyna Zalevska is a cultural management professional with a diverse background in project management, fundraising, and international collaboration. She holds a Master’s of Arts from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, where she also completed her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Valentyna further enriched her academic journey through a Media Endorsement Program at the University of Nebraska, USA.

Throughout her career, Valentyna has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for forging partnerships and securing grants from a multitude of prestigious institutions including the Open Society Foundation, USAID, European Commission, US Department of State, and many others.

Valentyna’s professional journey is marked by roles such as her current position as a Fundraising Manager at “Zaborona Media” and the 24.02 Fund, where she has been instrumental in driving fundraising initiatives since 2020. Prior to this, she served as a Fundraising Expert, offering her expertise to various non-profit organizations. In addition to her professional endeavors, Valentyna is an accomplished trainer, having conducted workshops on cultural project management and facilitated training sessions for cultural sector representatives.

“I am honored to embark on this journey as a 2023 EaP Civil Society Fellow. Through my project, I aspire to cultivate a culture of effective fundraising within our civil society, media, and public sectors. By empowering organizations with the skills they need to secure funding, we can amplify their impact and drive meaningful social change.” – Valentyna Zalevska

Empowering Social Change: Mastering Fundraising as a Social Change

Fellowship Summary: The objective of this Fellowship project is to empower civil society organizations, media sector, and public sector in Ukraine by equipping them with essential fundraising skills through the comprehensive course, webinars & consultations.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Fundraising
Transparency & accountability
Project duration January - August 2024