Viktoriia OMELIANENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Young Guardians of Digital Rights

Viktoriia is a student of Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Her major is international information. Apart from this she also completed the Certified program in European studies at Ukrainian Catholic University. Also Viktoriia is the alumnus of the educational project “Open University of Reforms”.

Now as analyst Viktoriia is involved in the work of NGO “MINZMIN” that works towards the implementation of the lifelong civic education system in Ukraine, as well as establishes communities of active, rights-aware and responsible citizens. Previously, she’s done internships in the Ukrainian think tanks and assisted in the project carried out by the foreign analytical centre. Since 2018 she is a part of the initiative “Young European Ambassadors” realized in the framework of the project “EU Neighbours East”.

Viktoriia OMELIANENKO: “This Fellowship will definitely strengthen my inner spirit of great ambitions and leadership skills due to the support in the realization of the project I am dreaming about and due to valuable opportunities for self-development and networking. I want to make my own contribution to the changes in my country, even to the little ones. And the Fellowship, for sure, will help me do it. ”  

Young Guardians of Digital Rights

Every day children interact with social media and surf the Internet and rarely do they are aware of their digital rights and freedoms, especially those who live in little towns and amalgamated communities. Because of this children are deprived of the opportunity to fully enjoy their rights and stand for them in case of abuse. The Fellow believes that the solution to this problem is to explain at first glance serious and difficult topic in a simple engaging way. So Viktoriia is going to create mini – online-course where the basic digital rights and freedoms will be explained to children. In such way the future participants of this course will become little guardians of their digital rights who will know their rights better and will be aware of the ways of their safeguard.

Project activities:

  • The First stage of the project is the elaboration of 5-7 videos on the basic 5 digital rights after which participants will do quizzes and challenging tasks.
  • The second stage of the project includes cooperation with teachers from amalgamated communities, who will encourage pupils of their
    classes to watch course and participate in the activities.
  • The third part will dedicated to the realization by children their own practical projects.

Viktoriia OMELIANENKO: “Due to this project I want to draw attention of both teachers and parents to the importance of the digital rights of children and to importance of the use of innovative methods of learning. And also I want great number of children to become aware of their rights so that they could effectively and efficiently exercise them in the digital world.

As well as in the framework of this project I will complete several educational programs for enhancing my current knowledge in the abovementioned topic.”

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Children & youth
Topics Digital safety
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020