Viktoriia OMELIANENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Young Guardians of Digital Rights

Qualified in digital security, communications and critical thinking, Viktoria is working towards forging active and responsible communities in Kyiv and beyond.

In her capacity as an Analyst and a Project Coordinator for all Ukrainian non-governmental  organization – MINZMIN, Viktoria is contributing to the implementation of the lifelong civic education system in Ukraine. Interested in EU Affairs and EU-Ukrainian relations, she writes analytical publications and previously completed the internship at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for the European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine and in think tanks covering the EU politics. Viktoriia is an alumna of the educational project: Open University of Reforms and a Young European Ambassador from Ukraine (‘EU-NEIGHBOURS east’ program) since 2018. 

Viktoria is a Bachelor’s student in International Relations from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. 

“After the successful completion of the action, I would admit that the Fellowship definitely strengthened my inner spirit and gave me ambitions to apply my leadership skills for making changes in my community. This is what I have always dreamed about! I am honored that the project covered all over Ukraine and involved the students/teachers and parents of different backgrounds. Our team was more than delighted to see a huge interest evolving from the national decision-makers; for example, the Ministry of Education sent an official letter to the regional departments to promote the course at the local Ukrainian schools. As well as the Ministry of Digital Transformation provided information support to the project. The latter increased our motivation to continue our engagement in the field of digital rights and security. As of today, our team is working on a new project in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. On top of that, I personally have developed a specific personal goal – Improving  the digital environment for children in Ukraine.”  – Viktoriia OMELIANENKO

Young Guardians of Digital Rights

The action: Young Guardians of Digital Rights aimed to enhance the digital literacy of teenagers all over Ukraine and engage youth in the discourse of cybersecurity. To achieve the above objectives, Viktoria created a concept for the target-specific course and delivered the training through the Mizmin online platform. In the first stage, the team developed 9 short educational videos explaining the fundamental digital rights (privacy, access to information, freedom of expression), and safe navigation on social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Every thematic course comprised interactive tests, practical exercises and suggestions on the educational online games/books. Also, the action produced Chatbot Digital Foot of Support in Telegram (@DigitalChat_bot) stimulating discussions among the stakeholders. To raise the project visibility, Viktoria and her team conducted social media communication campaign through the Facebook, Tik-Tok and YouTube Channels of the Minzmin platform and produced two articles (Internet as Opportunity and Treat; Digital Security of Children: How to Protect them on the Internet) on the Ukrainian media platform Ukrainska Pravda and two videos on the min.zmin Tik-Tok channel. 

The action created the first Ukrainian Online Course: Digital Rights and Safety for Children targeted at teenage groups, teachers and parents; the materials are public and can be accessed by any interested party on the Mizmin platform. Through the various media outreach instruments, including Mizmin website (1,159 involved participants), YouTube (10,430 views), Facebook (118,000 views) the project reached larger audiences and raised the digital competence of children and their teachers/parents. Also, Viktoria engaged the local authorities, including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Digital Transformation, and 24 Regional Departments of Education of Ukraine and facilitated collaboration among educational professionals, teachers, students and their parents.


Project in media:

Інтернет як можливість і загроза для дітей: як знайти баланс

Цифрові права та онлайн безпека: як захистити дітей в інтернеті

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Education
Youth empowerment
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020