Viktoriia VOSTRIAKOVA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Building Bio-economy for Ukraine

Viktoriia Vostriakova has a genuinely interdisciplinary background, having studied management of foreign economic affairs, working in the State Ecological Inspection and Vinnytsia National Agrarian University as a scientist and administrative staff. Besides her work at the university, in 2021, she became a co-founder and a CEO of the NGO Sustainable Development Agency “SYNERGY” that draws attention to the principles of sustainable development in Ukrainian civil society and advocates it in the public sector. Also, she’s interested in the European experience of building a sustainable future to implement it in Ukrainian realities. She combines her scientific work with project management activities in the civil society sector and holds the position of coordinator in Civil Society Energy for Resilient Ukraine project (CSE4RUA) for Ukraine.

As a Senior Doctorate Student in the Institute of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies at Vinnytsia National Technical University, her current scientific research is focused on managing bio-economical transformations. She holds an MA in Management of Organization in Foreign Economic Relations and is a Certified Renewable Energy Consultant Expert in Management & Finance (Renewable Energy Institute, UK). She is a Women Energy Club Ukraine member and a full member of MREI in the Renewable Energy Institute (European Energy Center). She has ten years of scientific and teaching experience in universities, five years of experience in the public sector, and two years of experience in project management.

No doubt military aggression has struck hard on the economy of Ukraine, and maybe someone says that bioeconomic transformation is not on time. But, I believe the postwar recovery of Ukraine is also a game-changing opportunity, a means to accelerate the transition towards a new, green, circular, and sustainable bioeconomy using the considerable potential of Ukraine by transforming existing production methods to more resilient, innovative, and eco-friendly. The possibility of involvement in this process inspires me to create a community and engage with many business innovators, government leaders, and stakeholders committed to making the bioeconomy real and accessible to Ukraine.” – Viktoriia Vostriakova

Building Bio-economy for Ukraine

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project will raise awareness and knowledge of ‘bio-economy’ through the research and advocacy actions.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Environment & climate change
Project duration August 2023 – March 2024