Yevheniia VIDISHCHEVA, Ukraine
PROJECT: The Street I Need

Yevheniia is an artist, implementer of cultural and social projects, author of educational and socio-cultural projects for teenagers, and Founder of  the CSO ‘VIDLIK PROJECTS’, in Ukraine.

As an artist, Yevheniia has been engaged in documentary theatre for a number of years, creating performances on social and political topics. Her most significant works include: “Go away” – a documentary performance about the divorce of parents and the place of children in this process; “Party in Avdiivka” – a documentary performance about teenagers from a front-line city Avdiivka (Donetsk region), about their dreams and desires, about the context, in which they exist; and “City of Mary” – a documentary play about Ukrainian national identity, based on the story of two sisters from Mariupol.

Based on her previous experience, Yevhennia has used the fellowship to support VIDLIK PROJECTS to work with teenagers to document how the war has impacted the ‘streets’ they call home.

Art does not change the world, but it can change people.  We have been working with teenagers in small towns and villages in Ukraine through art. We teach how to create documentary performances, cinema, drama, and video art. In our projects, teenagers and young people have the opportunity to explore themselves and the world, form their own opinion and express it by creating an artistic product. In our projects, we work with socio-political topics. I am convinced that art and culture do not exist outside of politics but, on the contrary, are the basis for the development of civil society.” – Yevheniia VIDISHCHEVA

The Street I Need

Fellowship Summary: Supporting teenagers and young people to tell their story through the prism of short films about the place where they live in Ukraine and the impact of war on their lives.

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Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Culture & Art
Youth empowerment
Project duration July - October 2022