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Fellowship Programme


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Young people learned about project management and got mentoring support to develop their own social projects


A second round of workshops of the project “ Young Change Makers of Dilijan” was held on January 19-20 and 27-28.

35 young people attended the events to learn about effective communication and promotion, cooperation and teamwork. During the first session on January 19 participants learned how to work in teams, gained communication skills and interpersonal skills. The second day they were trained in SMART/SWOT analysis, effective time management and financial management.

On January 27 the groups worked on “Project passports”, which includes timeframe of the project, budget and project outcomes and on January 28 the groups met with mentors from Germany and Russia, discussed and planned together the sequence of steps and project implementation plan.

As a result six social projects will be implemented during next two months by the teenagers.