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Fellowship Programme


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Youth of the Ararat region improved their leadership and social entrepreneurship skills and learned how to overcome common challenges in rural regions


In December 2017, four workshop sessions were conducted for young CSO leaders in the Ararat region of Armenia. The workshops covered the following topics:

  • Importance of a good leadership in CSOs
  • Social entrepreneurship as a key for social sustainability
  • Civic society in rural regions: how to overcome common challenges
  • Environmental issues and local communities: green alternatives to industry

The topics were chosen based on the previous surveys and interviews among the youth of Ararat region. Despite the variety and diversity of the listed topics, the workshops’ curriculum covered only the practical aspects of these themes.

The main goal of these sessions was to create a platform for civic leaders in the region, where they can share their ideas, elaborate on their challenges and strengthen their professional cooperation. Being assigned to practical tasks, case-based examples and group projects, which were included in the workshops’ curriculum, participants got an experience of collaborative working and acquired hands-on skills. The latter is going to help them to implement joint projects and tackle real-life issues in Ararat region in the future.