Yuliia ROHOZHNA, Ukraine
PROJECT: #protect_your_info (Safe Internet and Media Literacy)

Enthusiastic about volunteering and social work, Yuliia is working towards youth empowerment in Ukraine. 

As a trainer with more than 5 years of professional experience, she collaborated with the IOM and UNICEF projects and raised awareness of young people, including teenagers in correctional facilities. Since 2015, Yuliia is a social worker and communication expert at the All-Ukrainian Public Center – Volunteer, where she works with adolescents conflicting with the law. She is an author of 7 academic publications focused on youth leadership at vocational schools and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence. 

Yuliia holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the Borys Grynchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine.

“I am honored and delighted to be affiliated with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility since it allows me to network with like-minded people delivering change in our region. To reflect on the project itself, the fellowship action saw a huge interest from the Ukrainian students and stakeholders. Given that, the academic institutions (secondary and vocational schools) expressed their willingness to adapt the #protect_your_info program to their study curriculum. For now, I am developing the concept of the online course on Cyber-Space and Cyber Security in collaboration with the All-Ukrainian Public Center – Volunteer and the Cyberpolice Department of the Office for Combating Cybercrime in Kyiv.” – Yuliia ROHOZHNA

#protect_your_info (Safe Internet and Media Literacy)

The project aimed to raise awareness of cybersecurity and media literacy in teenage students of Kyiv, Ukraine. To enhance critical thinking in the youth groups, Yuliia developed a special program #protect_your_info tailored to media literacy and personal privacy on the internet. Then, she created the Facebook and telegram groups #protect_your_info as a communication platform for the project beneficiaries. To advocate for internet security in a creative way, Yuliia designed the informative booklet/posters and an interactive quest game on the Playbuzz platform. Applying the special program and creative visibility materials, she delivered trainings on #protect_your_info thematic topics for the local students with different backgrounds in Kyiv.

The project raised awareness of the Ukrainian teenagers in media literacy and information security through a number of instruments, including the training, social media channels, creative materials, online role-plays and quest games. Within the frame of the action, Yuliia conducted 5 one-day training and engaged more than 75 students from the 5 local schools of Kyiv. Most importantly, the action taught young audiences how to search and communicate online safely and protect their privacy. The social media channels on Facebook and Telegram, as well as the informative posters and quest games advocated the active “fact-checking” of the information and engaged/covered large audiences.

#protect_your_info Brochure (in Ukrainian): 

How to protect you personal information Poster (in Ukrainian):

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Education
Youth empowerment
Project duration May 2019 - November 2019