Yury KUKHALSKI, Belarus
PROJECT: FANDY. New Fundraising Instruments for Local Charities and CSOs

Yury is enthusiastic about civic and charity tech. Professional marketing specialist, he is also the founder of the Saveus charity platform and the winner of 2020 EaP Civil Society Hackathon.

For the last seven years Yury had worked with hundreds of US and Canadian companies, launched his own marketing agency, participated in launch of 1-million tokens sale ICO campaign, launched five Shopify apps used by thousands of merchants. In 2021 Yury launched Saveus.by charity platform, a unique charity marketplace that helps animal rights activists and organizations to raise funds in modern and transparent way. In six months, the platform became the fastest-growing fundraising solution in the EaP and Central Asia countries, with 18,000+ registered users, over EUR 200,000 raised for charity purposes and thousands of saved lives.

The main goal of Yury’s new project ­– Fandy – is to challenge the gap in tech access between for-profit businesses and charities. When one is planning to launch an ecommerce store there are hundreds of instruments to choose from. But when a person is trying to create a simple fundraising page as a European charity, it takes good 8 hours to find some US services and understand that it’s nearly impossible to use them without a US incorporated company.

“Modern technology can be a gamechanger for any kind of business. Today’s challenges cannot be solved by the means that were relevant yesterday. Therefore, it is so important to provide charities and CSOs with modern-day instruments that can revolutionize their whole workflow and fundraising process.” YURY KUKHALSKI

FANDY. New Fundraising Instruments for Local Charities and CSOs

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project aims at providing charities with a new digital instrument for fundraising and donation analytics, including website/fundraising pages launch tool, and check-out charity extension for woo-commerce powered websites.

FANDY platform is a digital tool designed to help charities raise funds through donations and subscriptions, manage donors, and provide donation analytics. The platform includes a web builder for donation forms and fundraising pages, an admin dashboard, and management tools for donors (users donating money).

The platform’s user-friendly interface and range of features, such as the web builder and analytics dashboard, have contributed to its success. As more charities begin to use FANDY, its impact is set to grow, making it an essential tool for the fundraising community.  Overall, FANDY has the potential to revolutionize the way charities raise funds and manage donations.

As a result of the Fellowship, charities in EaP countries got access to a modern-day fundraising service, which can help them raise more funds and make a greater impact in their respective fields. Additionally, this can help introduce new technologies and practices to the charity sector, which can help CSOs become more effective and efficient in their operations.

Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Belarus
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May 2022 - February 2023