Zinaida EMELIANOVA, Moldova
PROJECT: Research on Best Practices and Effective Methods of Developing Social Entrepreneurship and Advocacy Campaign

Zinaida Emelianova, is dynamic and motivated CSO leader of Agency for Innovation and Development, with 5 years of progressive experience in project management, business mentoring and trainer. In her capacity as a Director, she is contributing to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, startups and social entrepreneurship, by organizing and conducting trainings, consultations, coaching support, lobby and advocacy, etc. Previously, she held a position of project manager mostly focusing on women leadership.

Zinaida holds a Master degree in law and bachelor degree in economics. She has been studying in the Transnistrian Schevchenko State University.

“The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship assisted to develop civil society and social entrepreneurship concept as well as the role of NGO leader through research, education, and networking. Also, the fellowship action helped me extend my contacts and enhance my communication/leadership skills, through the practical experience and online courses delivering masterclasses on team management, project management and team motivation.” – Zinaida EMELIANOVA

Research on Best Practices and Effective Methods of Developing Social Entrepreneurship and Advocacy Campaign

The project activities were aimed to analyze local and international legislation and strategies in Social Entrepreneurship (SE) and develop a lobby and advocacy campaigns to introduce the best practices for local legislation. To achieve the project’s objectives, Zinaida analyzed the effective methods of developing social entrepreneurship in EU countries (Romania in particular), researched the local legislation, and introduced amendments accordingly. Hence, to develop the organizational capacity of the local social enterprises and NGOs, the project team created the Social Entrepreneurship Platform working mostly in Transnistria and conducted a number of online events. Within the frame of the action, the Zinaida held over 20 offline/online working sessions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the engaged stakeholders, drafted legislative initiatives, and a 2-year strategy/action plan for the SE Platform. Finally, she organized an international online conference tailored to social entrepreneurship and a better synergy among the executive branch, business communities, and the social initiative groups.

The project accelerated the development of the social entrepreneurship (SE) sector in Transnistria through research, lobby, and advocacy campaigns in this area. Therefore, the action delivered the research document analyzing the current landscape of the local social enterprises and the collaborative platform facilitating the cooperation among the 21 stakeholders. As a result of the active contribution of the local and national NGOs, lawyers, independent experts, etc, the project team developed a legislative initiative submitted to the Parliament. The changes will allow social enterprises to pay less taxes, and to have less bureaucratic procedures.

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Topics Economic development
Social Entrepreneurship
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020