Bohdan DIACHENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Social development- Sustainable development

Driven by the ambition to forge a human-oriented community, Bodgan is working towards the sustainable and social development of Ukraine.  In his capacity as a project manager in the local non-governmental organization Bureau of Social and Political Development, he researched the social issues and promoted the implementation of non-discriminative and gender-equality norms in Ukraine. Bohdan is working as a lawyer for the international private company ERC and his professional interests lie in the fields of Environmental Law, Humanitarian Law in Cyberspace and Private Law.

Currently, Bohdan is involved in the LL.M European Business Law Joint program at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) and the Kazimir Simonavičius University of Vilnius (Lithuania).

“The fellowship gave me an opportunity to study social components in Odesa (Ukraine) and Imereti (Georgia) districts. The research opened my horizon of understanding similarities and differences in the Georgian and Ukrainian communities. The fellowship accelerated my academic and professional interest in the Eastern Partnership region, with a specific focus on the above two countries.” – Bohdan DIACHENKO

Social development- Sustainable development

The project: Social Development- Sustainable Development researched the social aspects of two different communities in Ukraine (Odesa districts) and Georgia (Imereti districts). Bohdan investigated the components of social dialogue, social service status on the example of “Integrated Model of Social Services”, and gender equality in both target municipalities. The project was a follow-up action of the study previously conducted by the partner non-governmental organizations in Ukraine (NGO Bureau of Social and Political Development, Kyiv) and Georgia (Research-intellectual Club Dialogue of Generations, Kutaisi). Along with research, Bohdan organized field visits, capacity-building training and collaborative roundtables with the local authorities.

The project produced an analytical summary exploring social aspects in the Georgian and Ukrainian communities. The research introduced new perspectives and tools for the sustainable development of both regions. Hence, the local authorities received a list of recommendations on how to apply changes in the working systems or ensure social justice and gender equality. Through the meetings and roundtables, the project increased the capacity of the civil society organizations and enhanced their dialogue with the local authorities.

When given the opportunity by the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility to replicate project achievements at a larger scale, Bohdan contributed to the regional action: More Influence of Youth on the Local Environmental Agenda in Georgia and Ukraine as a coordinator in Ukraine. The regional project was implemented in collaboration with Mariam Khuroshvili (Team leader and coordinator, EaP Fellow from Georgia) and Tea Turashvili (Digital support, EaP Fellow from Georgia).

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Democratic participation
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration November 2017 - March 2018