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Monitoring of conditions of the existing playgrounds for kids in Yerevan is under way


The project “Safe playground for your kids and mine” implemented by Mari Chakryan, the EaP Civil Society Fellow from Armenia, started with the monitoring of conditions of the existing playgrounds for kids in Yerevan. In cooperation with the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of National Academy of Sciences, land and sand samplings have been taken from the playgrounds of 11 administrative districts (5 were planned initially) to make laboratory tests of soil composition and sanitary conditions of the playgrounds’ environment. Parents are actively involved in the project’s activities!

Within the next 6 months Mari, together with her colleagues and community members, will monitor the efficiency of budget money spent for reconstruction and maintenance of children’s playgrounds in the city of Yerevan through examining sanitary conditions and architectural norms and standards, organizing awareness raising campaigns and trainings for citizens on their rights to have safe public spaces and playgrounds. The objective of her project is to contribute to formation of informed and demanding civil society, through promotion of public, particularly young women’s participation in decision-making concerning children’s outdoor playgrounds, to improve cooperation between the local administration, service providers and the community, promote equitable management and civic participation.

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